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Dobeck AFR+ Auto-Tune System

Dobeck AFR+ Auto-Tune System
The AFR+ (GEN 4) brings together two technologies within one system to make it the most powerful, user-friendly tuning device on the market. AFR+ combines an EFI controller with a wideband O2 sensor and AFR gauge to provide a user instant fuel trimming ability and feedback about their vehicle’s state of tune.

The AFR+ can handle ALL your fueling needs or COMPLIMENT ECU downloads or already installed EFI controllers. The AFR gauge allows you to KNOW exactly how well your tune-up is performing. The EFI fueling allows you to CONTROL any necessary fine tuning without spending more money or valuable time.

The system includes everything necessary to get the system up and running (AFR gauge, wideband controller, Bosch LSU 4.2 O2 sensor, O2 bung, gauge mounting bracket). The AFR+ is water resistant and comes with a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects.




The AFR+ is a true AUTO-TUNE system. The PCV is an AUTO-MAPPING system

The buzz word of auto-tune systems is widely spread in the industry even though most systems are actually not true auto-tune systems, but rather an auto-mapping system. The true definition of an auto-tune system is one where as once installed and the desired AFR set then the user should never have to make any further adjustments. The reality of most systems on the market like the PCV Auto-Tune is they are actually just an auto-mapping system. You install the product and toggle a switch to begin analyzing data as you ride to fill in the grid values for the map. After riding through as many conditions as you can then you turn off the switch and run back on the standard EFI controller.

PROS AND CONS OF PCV vs AFR+ (Auto-Map vs Auto-Tune)

Dependency on O2 sensor - Advantage PCV / Auto-Mapping - All systems are using the Bosch O2 sensor which is the best on the market, but still does not have a long term life expectancy for off-road driving. Trying to diagnose a problem related to the O2 sensor can be a best guess at times. Most tech solutions will simply have to you replace it to start with and see if the problem persists. If you have an O2 sensor problem then at least with the PCV you can continue to run on the created base map UNLESS you had the auto-mapping engaged which started changing your map based on the incorrect readings. A bad O2 sensor with the AFR+ and your system will go back to a preloaded base map which may not match your desired tuning. This should allow you to get back home, but you'll need to purchase a new O2 sensor to get the system back up and running correctly.

Adding more modifications - Advantage AFR+ / Auto-Tuning - How many people really buy all their performance modifications at once? As users we prefer to buy some upgrades and check the results to continue building our machine where we want it to perform. When we buy an auto-tune system we should expect to not have to spend lenghty time of re-tuning every time we change something. With the PCV you are going to have to re-map each time you make a modification which will affect the air or fuel flow. The AFR+ will continue working as is and should not have to be adjusted.


Dobeck AFR+ Gauge Styles
FIRST LETTER - BACK LIGHTING COLOR: DP at one time offered both a Yellow and White backlighting option which is seen when driving at night. Currently only the Yellow (Y) option is available.

SECOND LETTER - BEZEL: Two options are available being a Black (B) or Chrome (C) finish. DP suggests Black for off-road vehicles and Chrome for bikes with Chrome handle bars.

THIRD LETTER - NEEDLE: Two options are available being an Orange (O) or White (W) finish. DP suggests the Orange for most applications, but you may want to match your factory gauges.

FOURTH LETTER - LABEL: Three options are available being a White (W), Black (B) or Gray (G) look. The White is a pure white where the Gray better matches Harley factory gauges.

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