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Attitude Industries is working hard to be a one stop shop for all your EFI and Turbo needs. We offer a great line of turbo kits that have been tested and proven over the last couple of years. These kits are the best in the industry with proven reliability and performance. Keep an eye on our website as we add the best turbo performance kits and parts you can buy.

Snowmobile / ATV / UTV Turbo Kits

Turbo Kits

Attitude Industries is proud to work with the best manufacturers in the industry and supply electronics to make their turbo kits the best on the market. We here at Attitude don't want to compete with our turbo companies, but work with them to develop a kit that we're both proud of. With the Attitude EFI Fuel Box it makes it easy to tune and stay in tune while you ride. With all the companies we work with we can supply you with the best kits on the market no matter what you ride. With our new line of turbo kits, we are your number one Turbo Kit supplier in the industry. Since we work with our manufactures so closely, we also provide technical support for their kits so you can just deal with one company for tech, warranty, fuel box questions and clutching. This makes it easier for you to make sure your kit is running at its best with just one phone call. And you can order different kits for various sleds from one place. Kits will be updated as they come available.

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Attitude Fuel Controller

Attitude Box Fuel Controller

Attitude Industries provides a tuning solution for all your electronic fuel injection (EFI) needs. Our fuel controller, the Attitude Box, incorporates technology to function much like a carburetor. It takes the knowledge and tuning experience many of us have had for years and converts it to a fuel injection interface. Our Attitude Box contains multiple different tuning modes determined by led colors which allow you to quickly figure out what load or RPM range you are currently in. Our fuel injection controller makes it easy to tune for different modifications. The Attitude Box is designed to be used on EFI motors that are stock or have performance enhancement products like air box mods, pipes, heads, big bore kits, nitrous, and even turbos. The Attitude Box works through a load based system that watches the demand on your motor and makes fuel adjustments to provide a perfectly tuned motor. Most of the time this unit plugs directly into your factory wiring harness for easy installation.

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Arctic Cat M8000 Clutch Kit

Arctic Cat M8000 Clutch Kit

Attitude Industries has spent a lot of time in the snow with the Arctic Cat M8000 snowmobiles. The Attitude Arctic Cat M8000 Clutch Kits come with our custom helix, secondary spring, and adjustable weights to get your sled at the top of its game. Smooth out your engagment and gain more track speed! Attitude Industries offers installation on the clutch kits if you bring your sled to our shop in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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