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EightySixd Diesel Boost

Lowers Emissions, Remove Black Soot, Improves MPG, and Cleans Engines

Eightysixd Diesel Boost is a cost-effective way to improve fuel economy, lower emissions, remove black soot, and extend the useful life of engine components. Diesel Boost has been tested extensively by independent labs and prevents the problems caused by poor base fuels, which leads to loss of ignition or carbon burnout problems, that result in excess soot formation, carbon deposits, black smoke (particulates or DPM), cold end corrosion and fouling with sulfur (sulphur) or vanadium. Eightysixd Diesel Boost has been shown to reduce carbon particulate emissions and improve fuel combustion. Diesel Boost reduces fuel consumption up to 5% and will increase your miles per gallon.

Get Diesel Boost today to increase engine lubricity, remove black soot, get more mileage and clean fuel injectors. Diesel Boost fuel additive offers diesel fuel consumers a simple, cost-effective approach to combat today's high fuel prices and reduce operating costs, especially where incomplete combustion, low lubricity, clogged fuel injectors, and fuel economy are ongoing problems. Diesel Boost is effective in diesel engines of all sizes that are used in automotive, marine, power generation, mining, construction, transit, over the road trucking and wherever high fuel prices or compliance with emissions or opacity regulations is a concern.