Attitude Industries Turbo Solutions

EFI Controller Comparisons

Attitude Box vs Boondocker

Comparison between the Attitude Box and the Boondocker EFI controller is pretty simple it just takes an understanding of what 'LOAD' really means. Boondocker's description of LOAD is just equivalent to throttle position. Boondocker splits the throttle positioning into three zones and calls this the LO, MID, and HIGH LOAD positions. In realistic this is partial, mid, and full throttle. The true definition of LOAD can be easily described by these examples. You experience MORE LOAD driving up a hill versus driving on a flat. You experience MORE LOAD going through deep powder versus hard snow. Both the Attitude Box and the Boondocker controller use RPM in their calculations. The difference is that the Attitude Box uses LOAD based technology along with RPM to make fuel modifications while the Boondocker controller uses throttle position.

The other major difference deals with visual display. The Attitude Box breaks the fuel curve down into three zones based on old carburetor tuning logic: Cruise, Acceleration, and Full Throttle. The zones correspond to color values of Green, Yellow, and Red respectively. The Attitude Box uses 8 LEDs to display 2 different things. First, the color of the LEDs tells you which zone you are currently operating in. Second, the number of LEDs will tell you the duty cycle on the engine. The Boondocker controller uses a basic screen display with black letters. Ask yourself this question, "What is more easy?" Quick glance to see colors or quick glance to read text?

Attitude Box vs Purelogic

Comparison between the Attitude Box and the Purelogic EFI controller is more complex. The EFI controllers use the same LOAD based technology and they are HARDWARE manufactured to be identical. Even though the controllers look the same and adjust the same, the operational code or map or setup or whatever you want to call it, is DIFFERENT. Granted they are going to be pretty similar and that can be explained by a little history. The owner of Attitude Industries, Derek Fischer, started Pure Logic a few years ago with the same owners of present day. Derek brought the tuning knowledge of how to develop the controllers and made several of the initial setups. A company break-up led Derek to start up the new company of Attitude Industries. The two EFI controllers may look the same, but their operation is different.