Attitude Industries Turbo Solutions

Attitude Beta Tester

Are you interested in being a powersports beta-tester? We work with hundreds of powersport companies and are always looking for end users to help test and evaluate product.

Do the work and you'll receive a refund.

How it works:

• We do not send out any FREE merchandise as we continue to receive zero feedback from beta-testers over the years. We want to give you a discount, but in return we NEED THE INFORMATION.
• Complete the form below stating you want to enter the beta-tester program. We will then respond with the discount amount possible to be achieved for your vehicle. We can get access to any powersports product at a reduced cost and pass this savings right on to you.
• You do not need to buy everything at once, but if you join our program then we can give you discounts on a wide range of performance products.
• You will purchase the product up front and then be refunded a given amount after the information has been sent back to us.

What we are looking for:

• Pictures and video content for us to post on our website / social media
• Having you tag us on your social media
• Your feedback with how the products perform. We want your Attitude Box settings for your vehicle you find work the best.


• We can not hold open possible discounts forever. We give our beta-testers 60 days from the purchase date to evaluate and supply us information or the deal expires.

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